Procedures for Court Appearances before Judge Williamson

Effective September 13, 2021

Due to concerns about the COVID-19 Delta variant, Judge Williamson will continue to conduct all hearings and trials by video via Zoom, unless a specific exception is allowed. Please see the guidelines below.

Zoom & Telephonic Appearances

  1. Appearances Generally. Parties shall attend all proceedings remotely by Zoom or telephone. The Court prefers appearance by Zoom video, if possible.
  2. Zoom. The Court will enter in the case or adversary proceeding an Order Establishing Procedures for Video Hearings. Parties appearing via Zoom shall register as directed in the Order. When possible, the Zoom link will be made available at least one week prior to every hearing/trial. Please register early to avoid last-minute technical issues.
  3. Equipment. Parties appearing via Zoom must have sufficient bandwidth and electronic devices to facilitate seamless video appearances, and a microphone that will provide clear audio transmission.
  4. Attire. Appropriate courtroom attire is still required even when appearing remotely.
  5. Telephonic Appearances. Parties appearing remotely by telephone via Court Solutions should register at Registration should be completed by 5:00 p.m. on the business day before the proceeding.

    In-Person Appearances
  6. Request for In-Person Appearance. A request for an in-person appearance will only be considered upon filing of an agreed motion.
    Generally, the Court will consider allowing in-person appearances
    only for trials or significant hearings on contested matters or
    adversary proceedings. Such motions will be considered in
    Chambers and shall be filed timely enough for the Court to rule in
    advance of the scheduled proceeding.
  7. Content of Motion. A motion for in-person appearance shall
    affirmatively set forth the position of all parties with respect to the
    request and shall state with specificity how the parties will handle
    testimony of any non-party witnesses. If witnesses agree to appear in
    person, the Court may allow it. But the Court will not compel the
    in-person appearance at the Courthouse of any witnesses.
  8. Proposed Order. The Court will contact counsel to submit a
    proposed order either granting or denying the motion. If the motion
    is granted, the proposed order shall include language with respect to
    how witness testimony will be conducted.
  9. Courthouse Access. Parties appearing in person must comply with
    the District Court’s most recent COVID-19 Order governing entry
    into the courthouse.
  10. Questions. Please direct all questions to Judge Williamson’s
    courtroom deputy, Marti Malone, at or

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