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Please contact Trustee Waage's office at 941-747-4644 or visit his website at : http://tampa13.com/


Revised Model Chapter 13 Plan
Effective March 15th, 2013

The Judges of the Ft. Myers and Tampa divisions have approved revisions to the Chapter 13 Model Plan. The revised Plan must be used by all Chapter 13 debtors in cases filed on or after March 15th, 2013.

The revisions to the Model Chapter 13 Plan are highlighted in yellow. The Model Plan now requires and affirmative representation that the plan conforms to the Model Plan, and strikes non-conforming provisions not set forth in the Additional Porvisions in paragraph 5. In addition, the Model Plan now permits the debtor to elect when property of the estate is vested in the debtor, either at confirmation or upon the debtors's discharge or dismissal of the case. See 11USC 1327(b). Debtors and their counsel should give careful consideration to this election, as it may result in significant legal consequences.

Highlighted Model Plans

Highlighted - Model Chapter 13 Plan Word

 Highlighted - Model Chapter 13 Plan - PDF

Non Highlighted Chapter 13 Plans

 Non-Highlighted Model Chapter 13 Plan - Word

Non - Highlighted Model Chapter 13 Plan - PDF

 Presumptive Reasonable Fees for the Middle District of Florida (Tampa/Ft.Myers) for cases filed

on or after April 1, 2013

Plans for 36 months or less:$3,750.00

Plans for 60 months:$4,100.00

Plans between 36 and 60 months : The pro rata portion of $350 ($4100-$3750) based on the months in excess divided by 24, plus $3,750.

A la carte items (no hearing) :$300

A la carte items (hearing) :$400

Additional fee if non-Florida exemptions apply:$300

Maximum plan allocation (for trust fund purposes):$550


Items of Interest:

Excel Chapter 13 Plan Summary-Revised July 2010


Send Payments To:

P.O. Box 830 Memphis, Tn 38101-0830


Send Correspondence To:

P.O. Box 6099, Sun City Center, Fl 33571





Debtor Attorney's E-Mailing Tax Returns, Pay Advices, and Other Requested Documents Must Be Sent In an Adobe "PDF" Format To:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: The total size for one email with PDF's included should not exceed 19 Mb's. If you send an email and it is rejected resend your email with fewer attachments. The Trustee will accept emails only from Attorneys in this account. If you need further help sending email please call the System Administrator at 813-658-1165 at extension 120.




What We Do:

The Office of Terry E. Smith, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the Middle District of Florida, administers chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in the Tampa Division. Matters are heard before Judge Michael G. Williamson and Judge K. Rodney May. Judge Delano's Tampa cases have been reassigned to Judges Williamson and May.  We administer bankruptcy cases under the supervision of the United States Trustee and act as a clearinghouse, to receive and disburse funds exactly as prescribed by orders of the court.

Note: If you are on this website looking for information on Ft. Myers cases heard before Judge DeLano or Judge McEwen please click on the link below for Trustee Jon M. Waage: Trustee Jon M. Waage's Website

What We Cannot Do:

The trustee and his staff are prohibited from giving legal advice.


Phone Extensions of Staff and Holiday Closings:

Do you want a list of extensions for the staff of the trusteeship? Click on this link to download this PDF document: Trustee Telephone Extensions-9 Kb

Do you want to know what days the trusteeship will be closed ? Click on this link to download this PDF document:Trustee Holidays 2014

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